A single machine incorporates separate drying conveyors with gentle product turnover for varying loadings and drying times, multiple air direction reversals, together with multiple temperature and humidity control zones, assure the most uniformly dried products in the minimum floor space.

A highly efficient air circulation system is used to recirculate heated air up or down through the material being dried.



Multiple air reversals create ideal conditions for complete uniformity in the final dried product.

Turbine-type fans are specially designed for minimum power consumption and highly efficient insulation is supplied to minimize heat loss and conserve energy.

Recirculating air volume may be easily controlled by adjusting the volume control discs supplied.


energy while the correct amount is exhausted after passing through the product to remove the evaporated water.

Multi-zone temperature controls provide the ability to lower air temperatures as the product dries. This prevents overheating and case hardening of the product and therefore helps to maintain product quality.

Carefully engineered transfer zones minimize sticking, agglomeration and product breakage.