BERTO / ISHIDA/ KAWASHIMA Complete Potato Chip / Crisp Line Various Types(ItemNum:SNAK7397N)


The main component in the frying system is the fryer. To ensure an even frying of the chips, the fryer is equipped with a high volume oil pump. By means of this system it is easy to set the temperature profile along the whole fryer and it also minimizes the oil volume required. For the best separation of the incoming slices a system is installed in the first part of the fryer pan. A combination of a paddle belt and a submerged belt ensures accurate frying time. The hood is designed so that a steam cover will be formed above the oil surface, protecting it from the surrounding air. To maintain the highest possible quality of the oil and to achieve en even heat transfer,


the fryer is equipped with an outer frying oil circulation system. This includes: continuous oil filter, circulation pump and heat exchanger. The continuous oil filter continually separates particles from the frying oil. The whole oil amount is filtered once per minute. The frying system is entirely constructed of stainless steel AISI 304.

BERTO / ISHIDA/ KAWASHIMA Complete Potato Chip / Crisp Line Various Types(ItemNum:SNAK7397N)

Benefits of the continuous Frying system:

  • Low oil volume gives a very short oil turnover time, normally 10 - 12hours.
  • Full flow filter system means complete filtering of the oil once a minute.
  • The continuous frying system means easy setting of the temperature profile along the fryer unit, and small temperature variations in the oil temperature.

The frying process is critical to the colors, taste, texture and fat content of potato chips. For best results frying oil temperature should be carefully regulated and oil volume should be rapidly turned over to maintain freshness. Water content should drop from 80% to 2%.

Continuous frying systems inhibit decomposition by reducing exposure to oxygen, light and by continually filtering solid particles from the oil.

Capacities from 100kg/hr up to 400kg/hour finished product available.

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